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Water Services

Leak Detection

More Info Leak Detection
  • High water bills with normal water use?
  • Unexplained water consumption even when no one is home or onsite?
  • Has your local authority noticed high water usage outside normal business hours?

This could be due to a water leak. As property owners you are responsible for fixing any leaks in and around your property. Our state of art leak detection equipment and professional team can help you with all you leak detection needs. Call us today for a leak detection quote!

Hydrant Testing

More Info Hydrant Testing

Fire safety is imperative to any property. Fire hydrants must be tested annually for insurance purposes and to ensure that they work efficiently in case of a fire. Some insurance policies can be declared null and void if they aren’t tested to standards. NW Water Services can provide professional technicians to test hydrants to BS:9990 criteria. These tests include pressure logging and establishing the maximum sustainable flow rate. Contact us here

Pipe Tracing

More Info Pipe Tracing

Thumping pulses are sent down the line of pipe. We then use acoustic microphones to detect these pulses; helping us to locate your leak quickly and efficiently. Contact us.


More Info Audit

Full reports of all audits are done up for all our customers across a range of sectors that need them such as IDA parks ad housing estates. These can also be used when claiming back from insurance companies. Contact us.

Thermal Imaging

More Info Thermal Imaging

This helps find leaks by detecting a heat patch that shows up on the floor or wall where the leaking pipe is. It is used usually when detecting leaks in heating systems. Contact us.

Step Testing

More Info Step Testing

Step Testing This is method of testing is the best way to identify large leaks within a water distribution network like Group Water Schemes. It follows the flow of water through zones marked on a map, supplied by a single meter. Contact us.


More Info Surveying

Surveying This incorporates locating where meter boundary boxes are to be fitted using stop tap finders, to locate stop taps which may be buried. The names of customers and addresses are found and logged onto maps. Contact us.