So you’ve just come across a leak in a pipe. Water is dripping everywhere. What do you do?

Don’t panic.

The longer you stand looking at the leak the worse it will get. Call us on 086 073 8508 or  089 941 1297. We will call out to fix it in no time. While you wait here are some things you can do to save the leak from getting worse and creating more damage.

1.Stop the water flow.

Turn off the main stop valve for your water or try locating the stop valve for that pipe. Once the water supply has been shut off, turn on your nearest tap to remove the rest of the water in that pipe.

2.Prevent further damage.

Your leak has been stopped..for now. While you wait on your plumber to arrive, clear up any water that is lying around from the leak. Remove nearby objects to stop anything else getting damaged. Dry the leaky pipe itself and surrounding fixtures.

3.Prepare the pipe.

The pipe must be prepared before you can patch it up. File or sand down the area where the pipe is cracked. This will remove any rust, limescale and ensure there are no rough edges. This helps your patch be more effective until help arrives.

4.Apply your patch.

You can pick up plumber’s epoxy at any local hardware store. Take a piece that is large enough to cover the area and soften it between your hands until it is ready for use. Apply it to the area and smooth down the edges.

Now you never have to risk further water damage in your home again. If you need help to fix a broken pipe or locate a suspected leak, give NW Water Services a call! No problem is too big or small. We provide services to both North and South of Ireland.