Imagine you’ve come back home for the night or are just after coming into work and you see water gushing from a leak. Would you know how to shut off the main water supply? Do you need to think about where your stop valve is? If so, here is how to find it.

What do they look like?

Not all stop valves on you water mains look the same. They still all have the same purpose. Allowing water to enter your property.


Where to find your stop valve?

Most buildings will gave an internal and external valve. Turn the valve clockwise to shut off the water. Here are tips on how to find yours:


  • It will be located on the ground floor.
  • Most likely to be under the kitchen sink.
  • If you have an older property, try checking the:
      • Bathroom
      • Hot press
      • Utility room
      • Boiler room
      • Garage
      • Basement


  • Look around the footpath directly outside
  • Try to find a plastic or metal cover with the word ‘Water’ or ‘Uisce’ on it.

External stop valves are owned by Irish Water. They should only be turned off in cases of emergency or by someone working for Irish Water. If your stop valve is shared between other properties, ensure everyone else knows you are turning it off.

Once you have found your stop valve and turned it off, call NW Water Services for our emergency service. We will save you having a plumbing nightmare!